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Partner Events

Sustainable Brands London Conference

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Sustainable Brands London – Discover what happens when brand strategists & design innovators connect with sustainability teams to drive innovation that leads to enhanced business and brand value. Learn more about the role that brand plays along the path toward a sustainable future. Discover the Power of “&.” London, England. November 27-28. Receive 20% off registration when you use this code: nwscSBL


The Leading and Learning for Sustainability with Peter Senge, Joe Laur (SEED), and Darcy Winslow (Nike Foundation and Former Head of Women’s Performance Division

November 7-9. 2012, Bedford, MA

The Leading and Learning for Sustainability Workshop is a synthesis of core organizational learning disciplines—systems thinking, mental models and collaborative inquiry, personal mastery and building shared vision—and the practical know-how developed within the SoL Sustainability Consortium over the past decade, much of which is captured in the book, The Necessary Revolution. This workshop focuses on how these core learning disciplines build capabilities for Sustainability Leadership—seeing systems, collaborating across boundaries with ease, and shifting from reactive problem solving to creating new futures.

Other SoL programs include The Executive Champions’ Workshop, August 14-17, 2012, Stowe, VT and The Foundations for Leadership Program, September 12-14, 2012 and March 19-21, 2013, Bedford, MA. For more information about these programs or about SoL and our services, please contact Lisa Kim at or visit us at