SustaiNext-East, Drexel University, March 22/23, 2011  

Agenda Listed Below

Day 1: March 22 program:

8:00      Registration

9:00      Ann Lee-Jeffs, Founder, Sustainability Collaborative

Opening Comments

9:10      William F. Lynch, Ph.D., Dean, Goodwin College of Professional Studies, Drexel University

Welcome to Drexel!

9:30      Keynote: Robert L. Lattimer, Senior Fellow, Diversity Studies, John J. Heldrich Center, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University

Philosophical premise of universal sustainability

10:15    Break

10:30    Keynote: Kevin Kampschroer, Director, U.S. Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, General Services Administration, the Obama Administration

White House position on sustainability

11:15    Education Program

Shifting Mindsets and Models: Where we are in educating future generations and best practices

  1. John Gould, Director, EdD, Educational Leadership & Change (Harrisburg) and  the Collaborative for Sustainable & Regenerative Learning at Drexel University

Current and desired models of education; perspectives on challenging our assumptions and building new educational structures.

  1. Daniel F. Oscar, President & CEO of the Princeton Center for Leadership Training (PCLT)

PCLT’s campaign to ensure that all children in all schools are immersed in safe, supportive groups of peers led by older mentors.

  1. 3.     Fenna Hanes, Senior Director, New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) and Judy Donnelly, co-PI at STEM PBL for Sustainable Technology, Program Coordinator, Laser and Fiber Optic Technology at Three Rivers Community College

A review of the Problem Based Learning (PBL) process — an instructional approach whereby students learn STEM content by actively and collaboratively solving authentic, real-world problems.

  1. Laurie Harrington, Project manager, Heldrich Center for Workforce Development:

Secondary Career, Technical Education and Youth Employment.

Exploration of transferrable skill concepts and tools for success in today’s — and tomorrow’s- workforce.

12:30    Networking Lunch

1:30      Education Track Continues…

  1. James L. Elder, Director, Campaign of Environmental Literacy

Improving connection between education and business and an overview of the Green Ribbon School proposal.

  1. Jim Fava, PhD, managing Director, Five Winds

Life cycle approaches that unleash business opportunities and that create career opportunities

  1. Merrilee Harrigan, Vice President for Education Program, Alliance To Save Energy. Alliance to Save

Energy’s education programs well positioned to educating our young people to take a leadership role in understanding and promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.

Education Q/A

2:15      Break

2:30      Business Program

Stakeholder Engagement Inside & Out

Randi Schoenfelder, managing Partner, Theodolite Human Capital, LLC, Co-Chair, SustaiNext

Successful models and practices for Sustainable future

2:40      Business Keynote: Glenn Barbi, Vice President, Office of Sustainability, Becton Dickinson (BD)

BD’s business strategy, sustainability and the future

3:00      Panel A : Who Said it Couldn’t Be Done?

Ranjeet Banerjee, Vice President, medical Surgical Systems, Becton Dickenson

Glenn Barbi, Vice President, Office of Sustainability, Becton Dickinson

Incredible Success Model of BD will be shared demonstrating how cradle to cradle thinking, and effective stakeholder engagement drives innovation.

3:30      Panel B: Be Inpired

Al Iannuzzi, Senior Director, Product Stewardship and Green marketing, J&J

Mike Keany, Manager, Pharma R&D Procurement, J&J

Innovative tools and engaging supplier programs will be shared, providing outstanding examples of why Johnson & Johnson is consistently ranked at the top of all sustainability indices.

4:00      Panel C: Power Up with the Energy Industry

Sally Nadler, College Relations manager PSEG, Chair NJ Energy Workforce Consortium

Angela Ortiz, Environmental Resource manager, PSEG

PSEG will share their unique approach to managing workforce challenges,

and will present PSEG’s sustainability report.

4:30      Business Track Closing Statement

Michele Siekerka, Assistant Commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

How the state of NJ is engaging stakeholders to support green business growth

4:45      Ann Lee-Jeffs, Founder, Sustainability Collaborative

First Day Summary

5:00      Evening Networking – Music by the Rick Rein Trio

Day 2:  March 23 program:

8:00      Registration

8:30      Ann Lee-Jeffs, Founder, Sustainability Collaborative

Opening Comments

8:45      Mike Maggio, Vice President, J&J Consumer Global Strategic Packaging Design and Operation

Are you working towards POSITIVE POTENTIAL™ “Doing more good and less bad.”

9:45      Break

10:00 Joanne Gere, Founder, BioScience Collaborative; President, Assoc. for Women in Science NJ; CoChair, Sustainext

Energizing physical and virtual communities to advance sustainability agenda

  1. Jaimie Cloud, Founder & President, Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

Nurturing and growing sustainability partnerships in our communities

  1. Kathleen Grady, Sustainability Coordinator, Temple University

Integrating sustainability into the school curriculum, its buildings and creating renaissance teachers

  1. Brian mcTear, Co-Founder, Weathervane music

Creating community, opportunity and resources to support and advance independent musicians.

  1. Charles A. Williams III, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Director of the Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence, Goodwin School of Education, Drexel University

On establishing safe environments for learning and growing

  1. Katherine N. Probst (Kate), Vice President of Institutional Greening Programs, Green Seal, Inc.

Creating and attracting adoption for product standards

  1. Jo Opot, Global Vice President, Business Development, Terra Cycle

Up-cycling, society, communities and an approach to managing packaging wastes

12:00    Lunch

12:30    Luncheon Speaker:  Energy Security and Sustainability

Debbie mcCormack, Deputy managing Director, Deloitte

1:15      Roundtable Discussions: As part of the SustaiNext Summit, we’ll explore a range of ideas, topics and people relating to universal sustainability

Facilitators: Karen Nathan and Bill Ferguson

  1. 1.     Engagement- Getting to Yes in a Complex Environment

Athena Sarafides, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Bill Ferguson Ph.D., Organization Change Resources

Claire McEachern, 2 Miles Consulting

  1. 2.     Leading the Way to Sustainable Organizations:

Leadership, Engagement, Common Mistakes and Competencies

Randi Schoenfelder, Theodolite Human Capital

Karen Nathan, Olivine Consulting

  1. 3.     Education Programs for Sustainability Managers/New Educational Paradigms

Kathleen Grady Temple University Sustainability Office

Jeana Wirtenberg, Fairleigh Dickenson Institute for Sustainable Enterprise

Aleta You, Rutgers University Professional Science Masters Program

  1. 4.     Building New Programs with Existing Resources

Jamie Ewalt, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

John Gould, Director, Drexel University Center for Sustainable & Regenerative Learning

Ann Goodman, Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future

Lori Braunstein, Sustainable Cherry Hill and Sustainable Jersey

  1. 5.     Workforce Development Strategies

Samantha Wittchen, iSpring Consulting

  1. 6.     Supply Chain Mysteries- Lifecycle Thinking to Build Impact Within Product Flows

Mike Keany, Johnson & Johnson

Marylinn Munson, Biomatrica

  1. 7.     Creative Culture and other Models for Expanding Inclusion as Initiatives Grow

Judy Formalarie-NJ Department of Labor

Rein Triefeldt, Solar Tree Project

  1. 8.     Understanding the Consumer Voice – Thinking About Sustainability Messaging

Debra McCormack, Deloitte

Joanne Gere, BioScience Collaborative

2:45      Report Out

3:00      Ann Lee-Jeffs, Founder, Sustainability Collaborative

Closing thoughts and adjourn